Fact: More children in South Asia die from severe burns than from HIV/AIDS, malaria and respiratory disease.
HOPE Foundation, in coordination with our partner ReSurge International, is providing critical burn treatment. Bangladesh experiences a high volume of burn victims due to the use of open fire pits to cook, heat and light their homes. The wearing of loose-fitting clothes adds to the danger of this practice, as well as a lack of parental supervision and lack of observance of adequate safety measures. When burn victims do not have access to appropriate treatment, their burns produce scar tissue that often depletes functionality of the burned body area completely, creating disability. This perpetuates the cycle of poverty as kids cannot go to school, women cannot care for their families, and men cannot work. ReSurge International not only provides the surgical care and treatment of our patients but further educates our nurses, midwives, doctors and village health workers on basic emergency care as well as specialized burn care through educational seminars and workshops.


Patient Story: Murshida Begum

Murshida Begum, just 5 years old and youngest of 7 children, is from KhuniaPalong, Ramu, Cox’s Bazar. When Murshidahad only just turned one she was unattended by her parents or relatives briefly and burned her hand in a pile of burning ash. This developed a contracture and physically bent her hand. Her parents only used medication to cure the ulceration but did not take her to a hospital for the contracture as they could not afford the cost of surgery. Murshida’s parents felt guilty as they could not afford her surgery and her friends would often mock the abnormal look of her hand. Thanks to Resurge International, Murshida received the surgery she desperately needed to restore mobility to her hand as well as normality of her appearance. No longer will her schoolmates mock her injury. Murshida and her parents are very happy with the results as her hand now looks beautiful.

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