Cleft Lip/Palate

Fact: Each year 5,000 children are born with cleft in Bangladesh- Smile Train

Cleft Lip/Palate is very prevalent in Bangladesh. Whereas in most countries it is solely a genetic issue, in Bangladesh it is most often a result of malnutrition of the mother while she is pregnant. When a baby is born with cleft, the mother is blamed as being cursed or of having done something wrong while pregnant to cause her baby’s deformity. Surgery is very expensive; therefore it’s not an option for poor families. Most parents are unaware that the deformity is even treatable. Most of these unfortunate children live their lives in shame – unable to eat properly, talk, go to school and are taunted by many. Many children born with cleft are abandoned at birth by their parents. A simple surgery can change the life of a child forever. HOPE works with our partner Smile Train to provide cleft surgeries to children in need throughout the year.


Patient Story: Imtiaj Babu Hossain

Imtiaj Babu Hossain
Imtiaj Hossen Babu was born with cleft lip and cleft palate and he required surgery. Babu is the second of three children living in the outskirts of Cox’s Bazar town on a hill with a risk of having their house demolished by the landslide during monsoon at any time. It was obvious the family was unable to pay for his vital surgery. A team from HOPE foundation visited Babu at his home and came to know about his present condition and his parent’s lack of a plan regarding his deformity. Due to our efforts, Babu’s parents were educated about the cleft lip and palate surgery camp at Hope hospital and registered their child; they continued to keep themselves in touch with the HOPE hospital officials. Imtiaj Hossen Babu was one patient treated by Dr. Aziz during his visit. At age four, his lip is finally repaired. Babu needs another surgery for the deformity of his palate. Still Babu cannot speak. He will undergo surgery for his cleft palate in a second phase of surgery and reconstruction. His parents are very hopeful that their child will be able to live a happy life with a lovely smile.


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