In order to create a sustainable operation, HOPE Foundation focuses on capacity-building. In training local community bpeople to provide services, we are building a future of health care providers and setting the bar for equal accessibility to quality care treatment. HOPE received an incredible grant from the Japanese Embassy in Bangladesh to build HOPE’s Training Center where we conduct our educational modules. HOPE provides education in the following areas:

  • Community based Midwifery Diploma Program (CMDP): A partnership with BRAC and funding from the British Department for International Development (DFID) allowed HOPE to start training local women to be midwives, through a 3 year study program. The girls selected for the program were local girls living close to the hospital or HOPE Medical Centers that will then return to their villages and fulfill the vast need for trained midwives to assist in pregnancy and delivery and family planning.
  • Community Health Communicator Project: Funding from Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund sponsored a 3 year program for the training of 270 community health workers in first aid, hygiene, newborn care, safe pregnancy and delivery, household infection control and common diseases. These village health workers further assist our specialized programs such as our obstetric fistula and cleft lip/palate programs by referring patients in their villages to our hospital for care. In many remote areas they are the only trained professionals and are critical in their role as first responders. Our rural HOPE Medical Centers utilize the girls’ skills during large health camps and awareness campaigns.
  • Village Nurse Training: Through fundraising efforts, HOPE trains village nurses who execute critical care services in the rural villages surrounding Cox’s Bazar. These nurses work in remote regions and really support our aim in bringing healthcare to the doorsteps of those who need it most. To date HOPE graduated 9 village nurses who are currently employed and actively working in the community.