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HOPE Research activities

Equally important to providing healthcare is conducting research into how to optimize health care services and to understand the diseases and health challenges the locals face. HOPE has established the following research projects and plans to add additional projects in the near future. Our findings will be integrated into our core care services and protocol. HOPE has implemented the following research projects and they are currently being undertaken at our hospital:

  • Nutrition Research: To better identify nutritional deficiencies, causes and circumstances in Cox’s Bazar, HOPE is goes out to different communities as well as sees children in the Hospital to evaluate their nutritional status and collect invaluable information so that we may work more diligently to prevent malnutrition. The research is being conducted in collaboration with 2 international physicians: Dr. Jonathan Pham, Australia and Dr. Ekaterine Garsevanidze, Geogia.
  • Maternal Health Research: HOPE, with its partner Medic Mobile, implemented Project BANC (Bangladesh Ante-Natal Care). In this project, 500 pregnant women were selected and divided into 2 groups. One group of 250 women visits HOPE’s Hospital for their antenatal visits. They also receive SMS or text messages reminding them of their appointments. The other group of women has a community health worker that visits them at their home and conducts their check-ups. HOPE is conducting research into the differences of the care, how receptive the women are to the varied care and what benefits the women most.