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œMore children in South Asia die from severe burns than from HIV/AIDS, malaria and respiratory disease -ReSurge International

HOPE Foundation, in coordination with our partner ReSurge International, is providing critical burn treatment. Bangladesh experiences a high volume of burn victims for one main reason: the use of open fire pits to cook, heat and light their homes. The wearing of loose-fitting clothes adds to the danger of this practice, as well as a lack of parental supervision and lack of observance of adequate safety measures. When burn victims do not have access to appropriate treatment, their burns produce scar tissue that often depletes functionality of the burned body area. This perpetuates the cycle of poverty as kids cannot go to school, women cannot care for their families, and so on. œMore women worldwide are severely burned each year (4.1 million) than are diagnosed with TB (2.7 million) and HIV (1.3 million) combined - ReSurge International

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Resurge International

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acute-burn-careAcute Burn Care         surgical-repairSurgical Repair         rehabilitationRehabilitation         preventionPrevention         educationEducation

 Cleft Lip/Palate

œEach year 5,000 children are born with cleft in Bangladesh - Smile Train

Cleft Lip/Palate is very prevalent in Bangladesh. Whereas in most countries it is solely a genetic issue, in Bangladesh it is most likely a result of malnutrition of the mother while she is pregnant. When a baby is born with cleft, the mother is blamed as being cursed or of having done something wrong while pregnant to cause her baby’s deformity. Surgery is very expensive; therefore it’s not an option for poor families. Most parents are unaware that the deformity is even treatable. Most of these unfortunate children live their lives in shame – unable to eat properly, talk, go to school and are taunted by many. Many children are abandoned at birth by their parents. A simple surgery can change the life of a child forever. HOPE works with our partner Smile Train to provide cleft surgeries to children in need.


Our Partners:
Smile Train

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outreachOutreach         surgical-repairSurgical Repair         feeding-therapyFeeding Therapy         speech-therapySpeech Therapy


œ11,700 people die each year from occupational injuries and several thousands are injured at work -International Labor Organization

HOPE works with multiple international artners in order to treat the many people in Bangladesh suffering from trauma. Trauma in Bangladesh varies from situation to situation but is very prevalent in poverty-stricken areas where safety conditions are not implemented. Many people in Bangladesh work in sectors which have associated risks, such as the Rickshaw drivers who face traffic accidents every day. HOPE understands how important is it for us to address these incidents in order for the body to heal correctly so that the patient may return to their normal lives without a long lapse of time where they are unable to work. With little access to proper healthcare services or the money to afford them, many Bangladeshis’ trauma injuries go untreated which can later turn into much more serious impediments in the long-term.

Our Approach:

outreachOutreach         surgical-repairSurgical Repair         physical-awarenessPhysical Therapy