HOPE is currently building a center for medical care to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.


View photos of our current progress below. 




Dear Friends,


I hope this note finds you well. Past few weeks have been most stressful for all of us due to outbreak of COVID-19 infections all over the world. WHO declared that now it is a global pandemic. Many experts predict that the pandemic will jeopardize lives of many, so we all are collectively fighting this pandemic with all our resources, all over the world. 


During this difficult time, I believe people that are specially vulnerable are those who are already disadvantaged, like the refugees, sick and elderly, disabled people, minority communities and the people in poverty. So we must look after them while we are trying to protect ourselves. 


On behalf of HOPE Foundation, I want to inform you that we already started extensive awareness programs at our field hospital which serves Rohingya refugee community and the host community of Cox’s Bazar. However we are putting together action plans to set up more comprehensive programs to address COVID-19 pandemic. 


As the situation unfolds I hope to update you with our response, regularly. 

Please watch two videos attached about our COVID-19 response, one in English and one in Bangla. 


Thank you for your support. We are grateful to you. 




Dr. Iftikher Mahmood 

Founder and President

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