• In Bangladesh there are 20,000 women in need of fistula repair surgery.

  • Each year new cases of fistula develop.

Since 2011 HOPE Foundation, through its partner Fistula Foundation, has provided obstetric fistula repair surgery free of charge to the women of Cox’s Bazar. HOPE currently has the only FIGO trained fistula surgeon in the entire country, and is the only fistula provider in the southeastern region of the country. Fistula Foundation further assists us in annual visits by international fistula surgeons for advanced, complicated cases. Through their support we are able to reach so many women in desperate need.

Dedicated Fistula Team

HOPE Foundation trained an Obstetric Fistula Team in 2014 that provides repair surgeries and support our fistula surgeon on a year-round basis. The team consists of a support physician, fistula nurse, social worker and outreach coordinator. The project  enhances our current fistula project, provides unmatched care to our fistula patients, and allows  us to conduct more surgeries per year as well as conduct a mass prevention and awareness campaign. This project allows us to reduce suffering and continue the fight to rid obstetric fistula from Cox’s Bazar or good. 


Financial Empowerment Program

Support from the Henry E. Niles Foundation has afforded HOPE to implement a financial empowerment program for our fistula sufferers. These women are victims of poverty, hence why the fistula occurs in the first place. Throughout the years they are suffering, they cannot work as they are to be kept inside due to the embarrassment in the community. As a result they owe family and friends a tremendous amount of money. This pilot project offers training in sewing to a handful of patients to not only provide them the skills and supplies to start their own businesses but to also create a support group of women overcoming fistula. Women with fistula lack confidence and the social skills, and creating a safe environment for them to regain their social skills around other fistula survivors and learn to empower each other will greatly assist in their rehabilitation.