Aware of how crucial mothers are in promoting health within their families and for educating others, HOPE established HOPE Mother’s Clubs to do just that; ensure the spread of health education and prosperity of their families in the community. Thus far, HOPE has established 38 Mother’s Clubs in varying rural regions where we work. 

HOPE relies on our Mothers to become the leaders in their communities and in securing their own family’s well-being. Through our Mother’s Clubs we promote public health education, gender empowerment, the rights of the child, and economic opportunity.

We support economic opportunity as we are currently aiming to train selected mothers from HOPE’s Mother’s Clubs as seamstresses in a small factory built by HOPE. These women will produce products that are sold both locally and to our international supporters. HOPE will provide them with a HOPE Family Health Card, where they will receive full coverage healthcare for all of their family members, as well as a stable livelihood opportunity. 


The Clubs meet once a month, and discuss the following vital subjects:

Diarrhea, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Acute Respiratory Infection, Immunization, Nutrition, Breast Feeding, Vitamins, Iodine intake, Birth Registration, Family Planning, Gender and Patriarchal Society, Accident & Injury, Safe Motherhood, Emergency Obstetric Care, Anemia, Birth Weight, Water Borne Illnesses, Sanitation, Behavioral Change, Menstruation Cleanliness, Child Rights, and anything that arises in these women’s minds that they wish to seek more information on.

“We want to break the cycle of poverty on a higher level and put our Mothers in a  position to earn their own income and take control of their family’s health".