HOPE Emergency Response Teams

HOPE Emergency Response Teams (HERT) deploy groups in times of disasters such as fire, traffic accidents, and natural disasters. Bangladesh is highly prone to floods, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, and monsoons. HOPE recruits and trains local volunteers to be a part of these response teams and are currently working to expand the operation to the whole of Bangladesh. 

HERT Goals

Safely and Efficiently Answer to Immediate Health Needs

Deploy Teams Equipped with Sufficient Training, Flexibility, and Mobility to Disaster Areas

Work Closely with Government Entities and Local Agencies During Disasters

Strategically Prepositioning Relevant Disaster Response Supplies in Clean, Hygenic Storage Spaces for Effective Response

Training Volunteers to Be Ready to Mobilize and Respond to Disasters in Assigned Regions 
alongside with HERT

Utilize Critical Problem Solving Mindset to Quickly Adapt and Evolve in Unforeseen Scenarios