HOPE Field Hospital for Women

“Urgent need to scale up health services in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh”

“Six months after the start of the Rohingya refugee crisis, continued efforts are needed to further scale up health services for nearly 1.3 million people in Cox’s Bazar. The vulnerable populations remain at risk of several diseases and in need of critical services for survival.”

WHO – Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, 20 February 2018

The HOPE Foundation is working to establish the HOPE Field Hospital for Women as a stable, safe haven for women and children that will provide 24/7 both inpatient and outpatient care, thus preventing unnecessary death and disability. The facility will be the first field hospital of its kind, providing critical care and playing a large role in rehabilitating patients, helping them take steps toward reestablishing a normal, productive life. The facility will increase patient access to care by reducing travel time to the nearest medical clinic, and will help increase the overall health of the refugee and surrounding Bangladeshi community in this catchment area of at least 300,000 people.

The HOPE Field Hospital for Women will be staffed by doctors, nurses and midwives from Bangladesh, and will also be supported by international medical professionals recruited both as employees and volunteers. The field hospital will be one of few in-patient facilities operating in an area currently inhabited by over 300,000 refugees.

We believe that establishment of this field hospital will help achieve a key but currently missing piece of the needed health infrastructure among the Rohingya camps: our facility will be a safe health care zone, it will be centrally located, and the quality of care will be consistent and will maintain care standards required by the World Health Organization. Many organizations have stepped in to become involved with this crisis, now we must work in concert to develop a standard package of evidence-based, essential health services delivered in an equitable manner while ensuring accessibility and quality of care. The HOPE Field Hospital for Women will serve as a hub and model for this work.

Construction Progress Photos